Drug and Alcohol Interventions

We all know someone who is struggling with problems caused by alcohol and/or drug use. At one time there was a belief that people could not be helped unless they “hit bottom” but that has changed. Interventions have shown that an individual confronted in such a way may finally be willing to seek treatment without having to “hit their bottom” first. Interventions also help to heal the user’s loved ones who participate in them.

What is an intervention? An intervention is a loving process where family and friends confront the alcohol/drug user in a non-threatening way about their self-destructive behavior with the ultimate goal of having that person accept help for their problem by entering a treatment center.

Why it is necessary to have an intervention? In short, because nothing else has worked. Begging, threatening, reasoning and deal making by family and friends rarely produce change in someone engaged in self-destructive behaviors. In fact, oftentimes loved ones have been unwittingly enabling the user by working against each other. On the other hand, an intervention facilitated by DANZIG Interventions in a controlled way that includes people who are meaningful to the user, can be highly effective in helping both the user and their family and friends begin to heal and to change.

How does an intervention work? An intervention unifies the family and gets everyone working together. It uses the power of love and concern to break through the user’s denial so that they will accept help. The keys to having a successful intervention are planning, preparation and technique. The intervention process involves having family and friends gather to discuss the details with DANZIG Interventions. And together we will decide what form the intervention will take, identify who should be included in the intervention, decide upon the best education and treatment plans, develop an intervention plan and schedule, and then execute the plans.

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