Sober Escorts

Escorts are often a vital component to the treatment and recovery process. Going to treatment can be an overwhelming endeavor for many people. DANZIG Interventions takes the fear and mystery out of the experience – both for the loved one and for the client. We are trained experts in the field of alcohol/substance abuse counseling, treatment, and recovery. So while we are escorting your loved one to their treatment facility, we are able to answer any of their questions, relieve their anxiety, and provide emotional support and encouragement. DANZIG Interventions will make all travel arrangements and will coordinate the trip with the treatment facility to ensure that your loved one reaches their destination. To lessen the stress on the family, we stay in constant contact with both the family and the treatment center throughout the entire trip. Once the trip has been completed and your loved one is safely with the treatment center,DANZIG Interventions will call the family to discuss the trip in detail.

Coming home from treatment poses its own challenges. Now that your loved one has left the safe haven of the treatment facility, there are many temptations that can lead to an instant relapse. DANZIG Interventions provides you with the peace of mind that your loved one won’t have to face those temptations alone on their journey home from rehab. We are addiction specialists trained in relapse prevention and will be with them providing support every step of the way.

All escorts are door to door service. DANZIG Interventions provides escort services to/from treatment, home, or a continuing care facility.

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