About DANZIG Interventions

Alcoholism and drug dependence do not discriminate – men, women, and children from every type of background and from every part of the country are all susceptible to having their use develop into abuse and dependence.

At one time there was a belief that these people could not be helped unless they “hit bottom” but that has changed. Research has proven that a person may be willing to seek treatment when an intervention is staged and they are confronted in a loving, non-threatening way by their family and friends. Interventions are also emotionally and psychologically beneficial to the user’s loved ones that participate in the process.

DANZIG Interventions was founded to help educate families about the disease of addiction, to consult on the proper treatment for their loved one, and to facilitate the process to get the user to acknowledge their problem and agree to get help.

DANZIG Interventions provides escort services to ensure that when your loved one leaves treatment that they have the relapse prevention support they need to get them safely home. We are also available to consult on services for sober living housing programs and can escort your loved one directly from rehab to that location.

To learn more about our intervention, escort, and treatment consulting services, please call 207-893-0000

About Our Founder

Steve Danzig, LCSW, LADC, CCS, BRI-I, CIP is a masters level clinical social worker, a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, and a certified clinical addiction specialist. He is also certified in “Deep Memory Processing” regression therapy and guided meditation and relaxation therapy. Steve is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors.

Steve stays current with the latest research in mental health and addiction treatment as well as some alternative therapy modalities that have been shown to enhance a person’s recovery process. He has developed a holistic, comprehensive approach to assisting alcoholics/addicts and their families.

As a clinical social worker and an addiction specialist with over 20 years of experience, Steve is uniquely qualified to understand the various complexities and nuances of human behavior. For an intervention, escort, or treatment consult to be successful, being able to effectively assess the interactions and dynamics between the user and their family is critical. Steve’s many years of experience in dealing with and managing family systems have made him an expert at identifying core issues so that long-lasting change within the whole family is possible. Addiction is a disease that affects the whole family. Similarly, recovery is most successful when the family is educated about addiction and participates in the recovery process.

After working for many prestigious mental health and alcohol/substance abuse facilities, Steve opened a successful outpatient counseling practice. As clients continued to ask for his assistance with their family members living out-of-state, DANZIG Interventions was born. Now Steve travels anywhere in the country to help families get their loved ones the treatment that they need.

About Our Logo

We chose the eagle to represent DANZIG Interventions because of what it symbolizes: courage, strength, and freedom. How do these characteristics translate into the philosophy of DANZIG Interventions?

  • COURAGE is the trait inherent in all people who are willing to acknowledge that there is a problem and ask for help – whether it is for themselves or for someone that they love.
  • STRENGTH is what people show when they stay committed to moving forward so that they may grow and heal even though it can be difficult and feel almost unbearable at times.
  • FREEDOM is the cornerstone that helps us thrive, brings us joy, and gives us the power to choose the way we live our lives.

Courage + Strength = Freedom