Treatment Consulting

There are many excellent treatments centers to choose from. DANZIG Interventions will help you choose the program that best fits your needs. We consider age, gender, previous treatment experience, mental health, medical issues, location, and family resources. DANZIG Interventions works with many different treatment programs all across the country. However, because we are independent from those programs and receive no benefit from our referrals, you can be assured that you are getting the best treatment recommendation for you or your loved one.

For clients requiring more specialized treatment options (such as people in high profile professions, individuals suffering from dual-diagnosis issues, or impaired medical professionals), DANZIG Interventions has relationships with treatment centers that specifically cater to these unique situations. We fully understand that for the recovery process to be successful, the client must be properly matched to a facility that provides the requisite expertise and level of care for their situation.

For clients needing extended support after they leave in-patient treatment, DANZIG Interventions can refer you to a sober living housing program.

For a referral to a treatment facility, call 207-893-0000