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We chose the eagle to represent DANZIG Counseling Services because of what it symbolizes: courage, strength, and freedom. How do these characteristics translate into the ideals of DANZIG Counseling Services?
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COURAGE is the trait inherent in all people who are willing to explore their personal issues through therapy so that they may grow and prosper.
STRENGTH is what people show when they continue moving forward even though times are difficult and life situations seem almost unbearable.
FREEDOM is the cornerstone that makes us unique, brings us joy, and gives us the power to choose the way we live our lives.

Courage + Strength = Freedom

Alcoholism and drug dependence do not discriminate – men, women, and children from every type of background and from every part of the country are all susceptible to having their use develop into abuse and dependence.

At one time there was a belief that people could not be helped unless they “hit bottom” but that has changed. Research has proven that a person may be willing to seek treatment when an intervention is staged and they are addressed in a loving, non-threatening way by their family and friends. Interventions are also emotionally and psychologically beneficial to the user’s loved ones that participate in the process.

DANZIG Interventions was founded to help educate families about the disease of addiction, to consult on the proper treatment for their loved one, and to facilitate the process to get the user to acknowledge their problem and agree to get help.

DANZIG Interventions provides escort services to ensure that when your loved one leaves treatment that they have the relapse prevention support they need to get them safely home. We are also available to consult on services for sober living housing programs and can escort your loved one directly from treatment to that location.

To learn more about our intervention, escort, and treatment consulting services, please call 207.310.0104.


Steve founded DANZIG Counseling Services to help people of all ages live richer, fuller, more joyful lives. He believes that caring therapy nourishes the body, mind, and spirit.

Steve is a clinical social worker, a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, a certified clinical supervisor, and a Certified Intervention Professional. He is also certified in "Deep Memory Processing" regression therapy and is a Reiki Master Teacher.

Steve earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from the University of Southern Maine and his Master of Science degree in Clinical Social Work (with a minor in Health/Mental Health) from Boston College. He also spent several years studying with world-renowned Jungian analyst, Roger J. Woolger, Ph.D.

Steve has extensive educational and practical experience in every area of mental health counseling. He truly enjoys helping individuals, couples, and families work through their emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues. Steve is also an expert in the field of alcohol and substance abuse counseling. He works with anyone whose life is being affected by their own or by someone else's alcohol/drug use.

Prior to founding DANZIG Counseling Services, Steve worked for many prestigious mental health and alcohol/substance abuse facilities in Maine including: Mercy Hospital, Spring Harbor Hospital, SMART Child & Family Services, Serenity House (a halfway house for men) and Day One's residential alcohol/drug treatment center for teens. Steve also worked in the social services department at Windham High School.

Due to a desire to help people who might not otherwise have access to his services, Steve is involved in many volunteer activities. He authors various self-help articles appearing in the local newspapers. Steve collaborates with many local civic organizations in their efforts to educate the community about drugs and alcohol. He provides pro bono motivational speaking services to the students in the Raymond, Windham, and Westbrook school districts. Steve has sat on the Raymond Mentoring Program Board. Steve has also volunteered at several non-profit organizations dedicated to helping teens (including the Preble Street Teen Center), to helping couples strengthen their relationships (through the Engaged Encounter program), and to helping men recovering from alcohol and drug abuse (via his seat on the Crossroads for Women and Serenity House Board of Directors).

In his free time, Steve enjoys riding (and customizing) his Harley Davidson. He also enjoys fly-fishing, camping, and hiking the Appalachian Trail. Steve lives in the Sebago Lake Region with his wife, Jennifer and their three children, Declan, Brogan, and Moira.

To contact Steve: Call DANZIG Counseling Services at 207.310.0104 or send him an e-mail at sdanzig@danzigcounseling.com.

"Steve took the time to listen - really listen - to what I had to say."

"I instantly felt comfortable with Steve. He was easy to talk to. I trusted him completely."

"Steve gave me the insights to understand the origins of my problems which helped me make positive changes in both my personal and professional lives."

"Steve taught me how to deal with my anger in a constructive way."

"Steve has a caring, professional, down-to-earth approach."

"For years I had a nagging voice in my head asking me 'Do I really have a drinking problem?' Steve helped me to finally answer that question."

"I like Steve so much I am willing to drive an hour each way to see him every week."

"Steve understands the issues that contributed to my alcoholism/addiction like no other person I have ever met."

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